Every guy on the planet has totally clicked with a woman he thought was really awesome, exchanged numbers with her, and then SURPRISINGLY never heard from her again. And if a guy says it hasn’t happened to him, he’s full of it.

It happens every day, every minute, and every second. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided no matter what you do. It’s baffling but when this happens, I’m just right here with you. It’s no fun and it’s kind of makes you look at yourself in the mirror a little bit and wonder what the hell is happening.

From my experience and what i’ve learned from this happening, let me share what is most likely going on when women quit answering, calling back, or returning your texts. When she won’t call or text back, it’s confusing, frustrating, and annoying as Hell. A girl not calling or texting you back is a good example of something that totally sucks. She’s mysteriously vanished, or probably gone. She’s quit answering and replying to your texts, and you can’t get her to call or text you no matter what. When this happens, instead of playing it totally cool like the Gyamfi’s would do, most guys have a mini panic attack and totally freak out and be like what the fuck! Did I do something wrong? Why the hell is this happening? Did I miss something? Am I not good enough? OR am I just overreacting?

Most guys start checking their phone 10 times more than normal and if they hear the slightest vibration or sound, they pull it out of their pocket fast as hell or run to it hoping that it’s her calling or texting back and it can make a guy a crazy person. Then they start telling people around them their story and asking what they should do, if they did anything wrong, if she’s the one who’s wrong for being inconsiderate, etc. Guys begin losing focus of other things that are probably more important and then focus ALL of their attention as to WHY she isn’t calling or texting back.

When the guy finally snaps out of the Emotional trauma, after some time goes by and he accept that he might not be hearing from her anytime soon, he do his best to move and not let it get to him too much anymore.

But something still remains…   WHY?

Why the hell did she stop answering your calls, calling back, or texting back?

What is it that turned her off?

What happened?

It can be a real pain to figure out and it can cause a lot of emotional strife if you overthink it.

Now if a woman is not or consistent not calling or texting back, several reasons and excuses that usually,  a lot of women like to tell you, so you don’t think they are assholes. Well I think a girl may not text back, pick up calls nor return missed calls due to the many reasons and below outline some of them.


Things happen, things change. Sometimes a woman will really be digging you and have a great time talking to you and something will just hit her that maybe she has other things she needs to be focusing on rather than boys. Something like family, kids, drama from ex’s, job related issues, death, loss of a friendship, etc. Women take this stuff seriously and they can be so wrapped up handing this stuff that they almost completely forget about you.


From what I’ve learned, some women actually do have very busy lives and they don’t live with their cell phone in their hand like most. I’ve seen women who literally take their cell phone out of their purse once or twice a day and they usually keep it on vibrate or silent so it doesn’t cause any kind of distraction to their busy schedule. They will usually take a few minutes at the end of the day to return calls and reply to texts but they don’t make it a habit of texting and calling people 24/7. If you’re involved with a woman like this, patience is key. She will be impressed that you’re not freaking out like most guys probably do with her. SOMETIMES with women, it’s a complete accident or not intentional that they don’t get back to you. Speaking of “on purpose”, sometimes it IS on purpose.


Sometimes when a woman is having a pleasant conversation with you, it may not mean she’s really attracted to you. She may just enjoy the dialogue. So when you go in for the kill and ask for her phone number, she may not want to kill the vibe by telling you “no” or that she’s not interested. Sometimes she just gives it to you to avoid any kind of negative energy or possibly ruining your mood or day. A lot of women have figured out it’s best to handle the whole can I have your number? Situation by just being polite, giving the number, and then ignoring the calls and texts.


This is what happens with a lot of guys who meet a girl and get her number. They call or text too much, make boring small talk, text her to say, “Hey, how’re u doing?”and then have nothing interesting whatsoever to talk about with her. They say stuff like, “Just here at work… bored. Screw my life”. All she is thinking is, “Wow, this dude’s pretty lame at conversation”. So in turn, she gets bored and has no more interest in calling or texting you back. She figures if she ignores your calls and texts, you will eventually get the hint and leave her alone.


Like I said, her chances of losing interest are very high if you don’t bring enough excitement to the table. We live in a world now where WE ALL are constantly stimulated by everything around us for about 16 hours a day.

20 years ago, if we sat somewhere waiting in line or in a waiting room, we would read a magazine or watch the TV with the boring programming in the room. Today, cell phones keep your brain wired and stimulated more than ever before. You literally have to compete with those games in her phone, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


Frank, a close friend of me has an ex-girlfriend who is absolutely beautiful and, for some reason, she gives her number out and never talks to the guy she gave it to. We’re eating, her phones going off, and she will scoff at her phone. I’ll ask her, “Aren’t you going to text whoever that is back? “And she will say, “No. It’s some guy I gave my phone number to and I decided I’m just not interested or sure about him.” As you can guess, I’m sitting there baffled, thinking, “Okay….” If you had 50 guys a day calling or texting you and you only were interested in 1 or 2, you would have to find a time efficient way to manage all of those incoming messages and calls. The easiest thing to do would be to just ignore the ones you’re not interested in talking to. As it turns out, she’s not the only girl who does that. A lot of women do that in this day and age.  Is that your fault? Probably not. Even IF it is, it’s no big deal because there’s probably nothing you can do about it anyway. Once again, she could have given you her number out of politeness.


Like we’ve discussed, a lot of women aren’t ignoring calls and texts or not getting back to because they’re mean or inconsiderate but in some cases, this is exactly the case. Some women are just rude, inconsiderate, and lack common courtesy for the feelings of others. But you also have to keep in mind what I just mentioned a few sentences ago that if they were to take the time to talk to every single guy that texted and called them, they would have no time in the day to get anything done. So they have to become time efficient and proactively ignore phone calls and texts from a lot of guys. She just doesn’t care about anyone or anything but herself, and doesn’t take into account the feelings of others.


When you meet a woman who you think is really great, you can bet your top cedi that even if she’s single, she’s already talking to or sleeping with someone else. It sounds terrible but this is the harsh reality with a lot of women today. So she may like you and find you attractive and interesting, but if you’re not able to captivate her attention or cause her to feel more attracted to you than the guy(s) she’s already talking to, then she’s going to put you on the back burner and forget about you. You have to cause her to be even more excited about you than she about the guys who are already calling and texting her. If you can’t do that, don’t expect to hear much back from her.


Yea this happens a lot and many of us have been her as well. The delightful FRIEND ZONE, that’s what I call it. A place full of dorky guys who she won’t call or text back because they don’t know what they’re doing with women and now you’re stuck with them. There are a ton of reasons that you’re possible in this predicament but the main one is always consistent. It could be the fact that you didn’t’ make her feel enough attraction for you so she doesn’t feel compelled enough to call or text you back. Being boring and making her lose interest in you will usually result in this, unfortunately, happening to you.


Most guys are guilty of this. You seem desperate when she calls or texts you. It’s easy to get over excited, needy, and clingy when u’re dealing with a girl that he REALLY like a lot. Ordinarily, we may not mean to sound desperate but we unintentionally do. Women aren’t big fans of desperate guys. Why?. Because many guys act the same way when they meet her. She’s bored and not looking for that stuff. She’s looking for the guy who doesn’t act needy, clingy, or desperate.


In this day and age, you never know who is going to be offended by what. You can talk about steak to a vegetarian and she will see you as the devil. I joked a lot with guys and one time a male friend of mine Photo shopped his picture (clearly he didn’t so it wasn’t good as expected) and he went crazy on me. BUT, there are more obvious ways that you can piss a woman off and cause her no to call or text back. Asking her for nude pictures, being graphic or obscene in your language, asking her questions that are none of your business.


Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re calling or texting too much. Once we do realize it, it’s way too late to do anything about it. If you’re calling or texting too much, she will let you know by her lack of calling or texting you back. So now the million dollar question is “How much are you supposed to call or text”?

Well, it’s a way of damage control and lowers the risk of her seeing you as boring. Don’t talk too much or send way too many Texts. It’s kind of a rule of thumb that if she sends you a few words, you do the same. Try to mirror what she sends you. If she sends you a sentence, don’t send her 3 paragraphs back because it can possibly overwhelm her and it will appear that you’re more excited to talk to her than she is to talk to you. Make it appear that you’re just as calm, cool, and collected as she is. 


A lot of guys don’t know how gradually and smoothly to take things to the next level with women they like. Some men like to shoot from the hip and dig right in. Others like to NEVER take things to the next level because they’re too afraid that she will reject them. Many women like to take things slowly and not move too fast.

Men have a metaphor that “women are like cats and if you move too fast or make any sudden movements that shes not expecting, shell run and hide under the couch for a week and only come out at night”. Silly metaphor but there is some truth to it. If you want her to continue calling and texting back, don’t move too suddenly to get too serious too fast.


I often talk about how much you should tell a woman about yourself and here’s the scoop: If you tell her enough that she knows everything about you, you’ve told her TOO MUCH. When there’s nothing left for her to wonder about or figure out about you, the level of attraction she’s going to feel for you is going to plummet. Thus, leading to a lack of calling or texting you back.

It’s important to always keep plenty of things to yourself and not tell her your whole life story. Some guys think that being an open book is the best way to go BUT IT’S NOT. It has the opposite effect as anticipate. We LOGICALLY think that telling her everything about ourselves is going to cause her to like us MORE and feel more attraction for us but it doesn’t. The best route to go is to be the mysterious guy who’s in a good way, hard to get.

Oh my Gosh, I think I need a mystery guy but who is gonna be that guy……….Keep reading, keep following, keep liking, keep on commenting and keep it in mind because it could be you. See you next time!!!!!!!!!!! CHEEERRRS


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